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The Activist's Page

Election Campaign Links

NJ League of Women Voters (Elections, State & National Issues, Voter Info.)
US League of Women Voters (Making Democracy work)
Political Money Line (Learn who is financing federal campaigns)
Project VoteSmart (Voting records, campaign issue positions, backgrounds)
Common Cause (Citizens' lobby for open, honest & accountable government)
NJCommon Cause (Campaign finance reform in NJ)

Environmental Organizations

National Wildlife Federation
New Jersey Public Interest Research Group (Save the Artic Refuge)
NJ Audubon Society (Birding, conservation)
NJ Conservation Foundation (Open Space Preservation)
NJ Future (Working for a sustainable economy, environment and society)
Garden State Environet
Earth Charter Community Summits
New Jersey's Environmental Center

Sustainable Communities Network
Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Development
Smart Growth BC
Smart Growth Network
Moving on Sustainable Transportation
Sierra Club National Sprawl page

Governmental Agencies

Voorhees Township
NJ Department of Environmental Protection
US Environmental Protection Agency
US EPA Superfund Program
US EPA Envirofacts (Information about our community)
Camden County Home Page
NJ Home Page
NJ Pinelands Commission
Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission (Regional Planning)
Delaware Regional Planning Commission (Important Links)
Camden County Environmental Commission
New Jersey League of Municipalities
New Jersey Planning Officials (land use boards, etc.)

Legal Resources

Government Records Council   Explains public access to government  
     records laws
NJ Legislature  Includes searchable statutes of NJ
Rutgers Law  NJ court cases and other useful law resources
FindLaw New Jersey - free commercial site

Other Resources